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Blue Gender, written by Ryōsuke Takahashi, Created by AIC and Broadcasted by Funimation- took in a post apocalyptic event where the earth human population is in near extinction by the menacing gigantic insects called “Blues”. The remaining humans take refuge in huge space stations which they called “Second Earth”.

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Why Marlene is a better pilot than Alicia, if Alicia was a sleeper and has B cells?

In Blue Gender episode 19, in a mission where Marlene wasnt on Earth but in second Earth, a pilot tells Alicia she will be the support of Yuji instead of Marlene (since Marlene isnt there). And ...
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What moments of Blue Gender considered causing huge controversy?

This TV Tropes site about Blue Gender says: Actually, the series itself seems to be a source of great trolling on most anime sites. What's the reason of it? Is there any worthy example to prove, ...
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What is the song Yuji humming everytime?

Kaido Yuji sometimes seems to hum a song (which said in the anime was a popular song before the "Blue" incident) Yuji first hummed this "song" when he was first awoken by soldiers from second earth (...
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