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Use this tag for the anime Bodacious Space Pirates (i.e. Moretsu Pirates) and the manga from which it was adapted, Miniskirt [Space] Pirates.

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Ending song episode 13 Moretsu Pirates (sub) [closed]

I am unable to verify if official legal streaming services have the same ending theme as illegal ones since this show is unavailable in my country through legal services, if someone could verify this ...
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What is the connection between the manga and movie of "Abyss of Hyperspace"?

When I watched the anime Bodacious Space Pirates, I learned that it was based on the Light Novel series Miniskirt Space Pirates. However, there was also a sequel movie planned called Abyss of ...
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Who sent the Luca Android to replace Luca?

When it's found out that for quite a while, Luca was actually an Android who had been transmitting information out of the Bentenmaru almost right after Luca appears and reveals she was on vacation the ...
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What exactly was the Parabellum's role?

In Morestsu Pirates / Bodacious Space Pirates, The Parabellum is hired by Gruier to make sure that Marika finishes her business with the Space Pirates before her final exams begin. The ship makes a ...
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