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BTOOOM! is a manga series by Jun'ya Inoue.

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BTOOOM! Complete plot

I recently watched the BTOOOM anime and thought to myself "Oh man, finally a decent anime". But then surprise. The final episode isn't the final of the story and leaves you hanging while you wait for ...
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Does the English version of Btooom! end at Chapter 88?

Does the English version of the Btooom! Manga end at Chapter 88?
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Is the anime "BTOOOM!" an adaptation of a movie called "The Condemned"?

The first thing in both BTOOOM! and The Condemned is based on the same story, which is surviving in the middle-of-nowhere island. Is the anime an adaptation of the movie?
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Why didn't Masashi Miyamoto take Taira's chip after cutting his fingers?

In episode 7 "Virtual bride" of Btooom Masashi attacked Taira with his knife and cut his fingers off. He then caused Sakamoto to fall of the cliff and he kidnapped Himiko. Why didn't he take Taira's ...
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When did Sakamoto get his three chips?

When did Sakamoto obtain his three chips? (It may be that I just didn't pay enough attention.) I do know Tairo collected most of the chips of the dead bodies, but I never really saw Sakamoto collect ...
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