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Captain Tsubasa is a manga by Youichi Takahashi about soccer players with tiny heads and huge bodies.

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Is there any place where I can buy English dubbed (The very first vintage one) Captain Tsubasa anime series?

I am not able to find the English dubbed anime of The original Captain Tsubasa series (Starting with Tsubasa's transfer to Nankatsu till finals between Tsubasa and Hyuga). Is there any place where I ...
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Can I do a Tiger Shoot like Hyuga Kojiro from anime Captain Tsubasa [closed]

What if I train myself during a storm on the beach and kick the ball as hard as I can. Can I master tiger shoot and the ball shines?
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Where can I watch or buy Captain Tsubasa J in English?

Where can I find Captain Tsubasa J first 33 episodes in English subbed? Every website I try only has first 3 episodes then then last 4. I was wondering is there a website you know of I can buy or ...
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Are there different versions of the Captain Tsubasa anime?

I recently started watching Captain Tsubasa online from the beginning again. It's been my favorite cartoon of my childhood. But I find some odd moments watching it again. It seems the animation is ...
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What is the origin of this alternate ending to Captain Tsubasa?

A while back, I stumbled upon this video which shows an ending to the Captain Tsubasa series. However, I quickly found out that it is not the real ending. In this video (which is in Spanish, I ...
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What is the release order of the Captain Tsubasa anime?

I am trying to watch Captain Tsubasa online but there is a big mess between the Japanese way of calling the series and the American way. I can't figure out, for example, why Captain Tsubasa J starts ...
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Why were most of the characters' names changed in the dubs?

In the anime Captain Tsubasa (I don't know if this is the most well-known name, since I knew it as "Campeões: Oliver e Benji", its Portuguese dub name), most of the characters' names were changed when ...
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