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Are President Kirari and her assistant, Sayaka, together?

Are Kirari and Sayaka officially together? I ask this because when Yumeko and Sayaka play the Tower of Doors, Sayaka loses and, as a rule, jumps off the 5th-story door. Then we see Kirari jump after ...
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Why is the Vice President following Mary and what does she Want?

Okay, so in season 2, the vice president starts to follow Mary around. It felt creepy and it was like she wanted something from Mary badly. So, what did Ririka Momobami (the Vice President and twin ...
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What did Itsuki collect from winning gambling matches?

What was Itsuki's favorite item to collect as a hobby/prize from winning gambling matches? Where did she keep her prizes?
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Are Kakegurui (Compulsive Gambler) episode 3 calculations correct?

Kakegurui episode 3 (Slit-Eyed Woman) calculations seem to be wrong. In the second round Yumeko put 40 chips (40 million yen) on 24th house and she says if the sword falls in the 24th hole, it would ...
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