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Questions related to anime or manga copyrights and copyright laws.

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Why has this character's death been removed from the Italian theatrical version of Eva 3.0+1.0?

I've recently seen the Italian theatrical version of Eva 3.0+1.0 and I was very surprised to discover had been completely removed from the movie. I frankly can't understand why they did something ...
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Are there any differences between manga and anime copyrights?

According to the law in Japan when a mangaka dies after 50 years the copyrights are annulled and now their manga are public access, in that case what happens with the manga that were adapted to anime? ...
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Can I have a license for cloth production with anime images?

I need to know if I can put an anime character, for example, Naruto or someone else, you name it, on clothes which I will sell afterwards. Can I do it without any permission of the creators of the ...
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Where can I find the copyright owner of the anime? Do I really need it for fan products?

I’m recently thinking about creating enamel pins so I can make some money and save up, but since I want to design the pin with anime’s such as Toilet Bound Hanako kun and Cardcaptor Sakura, I am ...
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Would a fan made universal exstension be allowed to post?

So I'm trying to start a manga series, I plan for it to be a extension of Hiroiko Araki's JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. I was wondering if I were to post it on a manga site, would it be allowed or counted ...
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Is the description to an anime/manga copyrighted?

Suppose if I want to describe an anime for a website, do I need to rewrite it in my own words or can I just copy and paste it with the source stated with the assumption of fair use? (As in the ...
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Did the Makers of the Lupin III "Red-Jacket" Series get Permission to Feature Superman?

In one of the Episodes of the Lupin III part 2 "Red-Jacket" series, Lupin foils a scheme by Fujiko who has henchmen impersonating Superman to rob banks. I am curious if anyone has any information on ...
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Do websites have to pay for using anime posters on their websites?

Does the websites like MyAnimeList, animePlanet, etc. pay for using anime posters to identify and review the anime? Does it come under fair use or something else? If they have to pay, does anyone has ...
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Law regarding doujinshi

Doujinshi, as defined on Wikipedia, are self-published works. While not all doujinshi are derived from other manga, they mostly are, like the many Touhou and Naruto doujins. The works that they are ...
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Are mangas freeware and shareware?

I have been a manga reader for a long time, and also a developer. I know about the rules, like manga content can't and should not be edited without the author's permission, etc. But my question is, ...
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Who do you have to contact to obtain a license to stream manga?

I am curious to know who the copyright holder to a manga is: is it the mangaka, or the publisher (such as Kodansha, Shonen Jump, etc)? Who do you have to contact to obtain a license for streaming it?
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What changes were made to Shirobako episode 6?

The original version of Shirobako which aired on TV was pulled off streaming sites like CrunchyRoll due to rights issues (see ANN for more info). Since then, an edited version has been added to ...
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Do I need a license to make a non-profit anime streaming site?

I am an experienced dev and my goal is to create an anime streaming site. I have made a custom CMS in Python but now need the content. When making the site, I soon realized that the content needs to ...
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Why do fansubbed animes have a reminder to not sell their fansubbed product?

Why do fansubbed animes have a reminder to not sell their fansubbed product? Sometimes they have the following reminder during the show: This is a free fansub: not for sale, rent, or auction I was ...
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What are the laws or policies against using anime characters for application development? [closed]

What I mean is, if I am trying to make a mobile game (say Pokemon), am I allowed to use the same characters as the anime? If not, then what are the rules and regulations regarding this kind of ...
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What are the legality rules in terms of manga translations?

I know that fan-translated scans and scanned official pages are illegal when a manga is released in English, but I was never sure what the rules were if the manga hasn't been released in English. What ...
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Why are anime music videos admitted in anime conventions? [closed]

Anime music videos have public screenings in several conventions, especially in the USA. How do they solve the problem of copyright? Some contests forbid the use of dubbed (localized) anime in ...
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