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Crayon Shin-chan (sometimes just "Shin Chan") is a manga series by Yoshito Usui.

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What inspries the child and adult characters from Shin Chan to have squished heads and rigid jaws?

Before I begin, it's important to note that the way heads are drawn varies from art style depending on the mass of the width and length of a head of a skinny character or the mass of the width and ...
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Which Crayon Shinchan episode has Shinchan and Himawari playing a board game?

In Crayon Shinchan, there is an episode in which Shinchan and his sister, Himawari, play a board game. I remember Himawari uses big dice to play by flipping herself. In the end, Shinchan loses, and ...
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Who's the "Lavender" coffee shop manager?

There are episodes where the 5-year-old Himawari appeared from a dark cloud. She often visited the "Lavender" coffee shop at the end of each episode, and I wonder what's the relationship between the ...
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Was the Chocobi (チョコビ) snack from Shin Chan fictional or did it exist before Shin Chan?

If you watched the Shin Chan anime series you will know what I'm talking about. (I don't know if Chocobi appears in the manga, too.) Was Chocobi an existing snack that just appeared in the Shin Chan ...
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What is the story behind Nene Sakurada's rabbit coming to life in Crayon Shin Chan?

I'm watching the Funimation dub of Shin Chan, and have come across the various episodes about "Happiness Bunny's Revenge", where Nene / Penny's rabbit doll comes alive whenever the moon is red. The ...
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What episode is about "Lucky Bastard Fever"?

I have a question about a lucky bastard fever episode in Crayon Shin-chan, I was wondering if you could help me find what episode this is from. It was about that bird man bad guy and Lollipop was at ...
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Does somebody know where to find subtitles for Kureyon Shin-chan?

I've gotten this set of Kureyon Shin-Chan episodes from a friend (クレヨンしんちゃん (Crayon Shin Chan) DVD TV版傑作選) but they don't have subtitles. Does somebody know where could I find english subs for these?
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Why does Shinnosuke ask people if they like peppers?

I sometimes watch this anime called Crayon Shin-chan in Portuguese (in which it is simply called Shin-chan). Flirty as he is, Shinnosuke (its main character) is often inconveniently messing around ...
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