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What does "Lulala lila" mean in Cross Ange's music?

I recently watched the anime Cross Ange and I was curious about the phrase "Lulala lila" which is sung in the song Hikari no Uta. I'm pretty sure that phrase means something, but I still don't know ...
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2 votes
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Can Norma have kids?

So when I was watching this anime I was wondering - even though all the Norma are women and they are stuck on that island, is it still possible for them to have kids? And I also wonder, did any Norma ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How did Tusk survive the bombing?

How the hell did Tusk live through that bombing in episode 21? He is the person that the bomb was closet to since it was on his person, so how is it possible that he lived?
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Who or what is "El Ragna"?

The song that both Sala and Ange mysteriously know is called "Towagatari", which means something like "Eternal Story". The version that Ange sings is subtitled "Hikari no Uta" = "Song of Light"; the ...
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What is the meaning of "Cross" in the title Cross Ange?

"Ange", apart from the obvious reference to the main character, also means "angel" in French and implies the connection between Ange and Vilkiss, which has an angel sculpture on ...
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How is Embyro "Thousands" of years old, if the destruction of old earth happened only 534 years ago?

Embyro self proclaimed to be thousands of years old. But he is shown in a flashback as a scientist in the 22nd century, and the destruction of old earth happened only 534 years ago. How can he be ...
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Are all Norma female (as of episode 04)?

Has there been any explanation so far (as of episode 4) on whether or not males can be born a norma? Everyone on the norma base seem to be female.
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