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Questions tagged [death-parade]

Death Parade is a psychological thriller anime by Yuzuru Tachikawa and studio Madhouse. The newly dead arrive at an unusual bar where they are offered to play a game that will decide who gets to live once more, and whose existence ends entirely.

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Why was the lady in episode 4 of Death Parade sent to the void?

It was clear from her memories that she had suffered immensely throughout her life; being deceived multiple times and being a victim of physical (and maybe even mental) abuse. Also, in the end after ...
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3 votes
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Why is it stated arbiters don't feel human emotions?

Decim shows empathy. Ginty is angry with the choice the fangirl he judges makes. The rest of the arbiters show human emotions, too. So why does a rule say they don't have human emotions because they'...
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3 votes
2 answers

Why was the old man sent to the void?

In Death Billiards, the old man is sent to the void and the younger one is sent to be reincarnated. But why? What was the basis for this decision? It even contradicts other decisions in Death Parade. ...
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Where did Decim send Chiyuki? To reincarnation or to void?

I saw that the mask changed and she just gave in to her wish to come back to live in her last 'test', so I think she was sent to void, but I'm not really sure. Can somebody explain, please?
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7 votes
1 answer

Were the Arbiters previously humans?

First, I was going to ask where the Arbiters originated from? Like where were they chosen from? But then after watching the animé, I learned the following: Arbiters' 2nd Law : Arbiters have no ...
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How did Shimada Die?

He was shown killing Tatsumi, the detective, then the flashback was over. Nowhere in the anime did it show how he died (and came for judgement). How did he die? Canonical answers would be ...
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Is there any relation between the Bar name 'Quindecim' and the Bartender 'Decim'?

Was the Bar named because of Decim or something? They are spelled same and pronounced in the same way! Is there a relation mentioned?
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10 votes
1 answer

What happens to the pregnant woman's baby in the first episode of Death Parade?

In the first episode of Death Parade, after the first game, the woman's soul is voided, and the man gets reincarnated. During the darts game, the woman tells the man that she is pregnant. Does this ...
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What determines if someone going to Heaven or Hell?

What determines if someone going to Heaven (reincarnate) or Hell (void)? In episode 6, Harada was sent to void despite him repenting his attempt to kill Mayu. Yet, in episode 2, both Chisato and ...
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2 answers

How are Death Billiards and Death Parade related?

I'm watching Death Parade right now and I just heard about Death Billiards, which seems to be a predecessor work for Death Parade. A one-shot of sorts, or so it seems. I'd like to know without ...
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8 votes
5 answers

Do we know which side is heaven/hell?

Do we know which elevator is heaven and which is hell? In the Death Billiards movie, it seems kind of debatable. As well as the first episode of Death Parade, did the wife or husband go to hell? Does ...
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