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Questions tagged [dennou-coil]

Dennou Coil (or, "Coil — A Circle of Children") is a 2007 anime created and directed by Mitsuo Iso.

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2 votes
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What effect does the Searchmaton's energy beam have on humans?

In the anime Den-noh Coil the Searchmaton frequently fire their energy beams on humans. The beams are designed to effect digital matter, and rogue AR programs, but the human characters act as though ...
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1 answer

What happens when you get hit by an attack?

In episode 4 of Dennou Coil Yuko Amasawa is ambushed by the Daichi's Hackers Club and during the inital ambush Yuko is hit by a bullet from one of the Hack Clubs Straiters (the machine guns), much ...
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Who did Amasawa-san go see in the hospital?

As we find out at the end of the series… So who did she go visit in the hospital then? Was it a very complicated hologram and she's never taken her glasses off the entire time (hard to believe, but ...
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Why does Yasako have an encode reactor?

In episode 23 of Dennou Coil, we find out that Yasako (Okonogi Yuko) has a working encode reactor. I think I missed the part where they explain how she got it and whether it's a physical device or a ...
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How many times did Satchii say "Boku Satchii!" throughout the series?

The virtual robots that cleans up outdated space and illegal objects called Satchii, arrive in a similar manner: before they start shooting erasing beams at animate objects like people and virtual ...
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What anime is this where everyone has a virtual world from glasses? [closed]

So a few years ago, I saw an anime where everyone had special glasses that basically superimposed a virtual world onto the real world (so, erm, Google Glass but better). I don't remember it very well, ...
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8 votes
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What is the fate of Densuke at the end of the last episode?

In episode 23, Densuke is "lost" (mobbed my illegals) when he was protecting Yuuko (Okonogi) from illegals. However, in the last episode, Yuuko and Kyouko both are able to see Densuke without their ...
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