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In the 1st episode of Domestic Girlfriend, what's the significance of these books?

At around 18:30 in the 1st episode of Domestic Girlfriend, when the MC is asking for advice from his friend, there is a shot of some books on a shelf: As the well-known novelist Anton Chekhov put it, ...
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What is the name of the music at S1E3 09m:07s of Domestic Girlfriend? [closed]

Anyone knows the music playing in the background of Domestic girlfriend Season 1, episode 3 and 09m:07s?
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Does "Domestic Girlfriend" manga continue after anime ending?

I want to buy the Domestic Girlfriend manga. The problem is I don't want to buy it if both the anime and manga finished off on the same ending. Does the manga continue after the show ended?
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What manga is this picture of a melting boy from? [closed]

I know it's not much to go on, but if you could let me know what manga this is from I'd be much obliged.
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