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Doraemon is a fantasy shounen manga by Fujiko Fujio about the exploits of a robot cat from the 22nd century. It has several long-running anime adaptations.

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Where can I watch the Doraemon New Year Special which aired on 31st December 2001?

So I just figured in my previous question Which Doraemon episode is this with Shizuka and multiple mini Doraemons? that I cannot get a DVD of this New Year Special. I would like to know where I can ...
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What is the name of the Doraemon episode where Nobita is very intelligent?

Once I saw an episode of Doraemon on TV, in which Nobita is a genius. He always scores full marks in the tests. His mom is happy with it. When he tells her that he is going out, his mother allows ...
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Where can I acquire a copy of this Doraemon manga?

I am the curator of an exhibition on Easter Island in popular culture ( and I am trying to track down a few missing items. If you can assist we will acknowledge you in the ...
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Why didn't Nozawa Masako continue voicing Doraemon?

In the 1973 version of Doraemon, the seiyuu for Doraemon is Nozawa Masako. However in the 1979 version of Doraemon, we have Ooyama Nobuyo voicing Doraemon. The newest Doraemon (the 2005) version has ...
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