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Dragonball Z Kai is a remaster of the Dragonball Z anime series. It hews more closely to the source manga and contains fewer filler episodes. Use for questions specific to this series. Use with the [dragon-ball-series] tag

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Why did Dragon Ball Z Kai change "It's over 9000!" in the TV version to "It's over 8000!" in the DVD version?

In Dragonball Z Kai there are two different English dubs: the TV version and the DVD version. They handle the famous "what is his power level" scene differently. TV version Nappa: Vegeta. ...
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33 votes
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Will I miss anything by watching Dragon Ball Z Kai instead of the other series?

I've read that Dragon Ball Z Kai is an HD remaster and recut of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. However, Kai has 98 episodes while Dragon Ball has 153 and Z has almost 300. If I watch only Dragon Ball ...
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