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Questions tagged [dragon-ball]

Dragon Ball is a shounen manga and anime about the adventures of Son Goku and his companions, who use martial arts to defend Earth against all kinds of villains: intergalactic space fighters and conquerors, unnaturally powerful androids and near-indestructible magical creatures.

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How/Why did Mai from the future Trunks, in Dragon Ball Super get young?

The question Why Mai from the Future Trunks timeline is younger than what she should've been? The problem In the future Trunks timeline the Dragon Balls have been destroyed, during the Android ...
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Where did the Dog-people come from?

In Dragon-ball there are numerous dog-people, one of which is the king of the world There were other dog-people in the anime episode Plight of the children. One of the orphans was a dog person, and ...
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Why couldn't Goku use the Nimbus to rescue the Ox King from the fire?

At the end of Dragon Ball, when the Ox King was trapped, Goku flew into the fire on the Nimbus and had an extended conversation with the Ox King. Goku's previous demonstrations of strength also ...
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Why did Guru come back to life?

During the Namek Saga of Dragon Ball Z, the first wish to Porunga was to bring Piccolo back, next was teleport him to Namek but before the third wish could be granted Guru died making the Namekian ...
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Was Naruto's design inspired by Goku's?

Comparing Naruto and Goku, we can see that Naruto has the same hair and eye color as Goku from his Super Saiyan form and also, their jumpsuit color schemes are similar.
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