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Questions tagged [eden-of-the-east]

"Eden of the East" ("Higashi no Eden") is an original TV anime series directed by Kenji Kamiyama that aired in spring 2009. It also has two film sequels.

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7 votes
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Why does a stranger lend Akira pants?

During the first episode, we see Akira running down the street without pants. Then he asks a bystander, and the guy just lends his pants to Akira. Is this related to some cultural reference, or is it ...
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4 votes
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Different Eden of the East series?

So about 6-8 months ago I watched Eden of the east on Netflix and I really enjoyed it. It felt really original and I was totally hooked. I soon after watched the movies. So today on "Source Fed nerd ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What are all of the quotes in the OP of Eden of the East from?

In the Eden of the East opening, there are a lot of quotes from different sources. The only one I know the origin of is "The abuse of greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power," which is from ...
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10 votes
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Who was the Supporter of the Seleção in Eden of the East?

It seems like this was never really addressed. This piqued my curiosity primarily because the supporter was stated by Mr. Outside to be one of the Seleção, and it seemed odd that one of the Seleção ...
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13 votes
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Why was Akira naked in the first episode of Eden of the East?

Why was Akira naked in the beginning of Eden of the East? Supposedly it was revealed later on in the series. However, I wasn't able to pick it up despite having watched it through in depth. Could ...
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