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A seinen manga by Kei Sanbe

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Why the title of Erased use serif and sans-serif together as fonts?

Here is the title of the series and the 9th episode. They used a combined fonts type. Is there any reason for this?
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In Erased, why does Satoru refers to his mother as "okaasan"?

In Erased, when Satoru got transported back to 1988, he mistakenly referred to his mother as "kaasan". However, when pointed out, he quickly switches to "okaasan". Why is that? As ...
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Symbolic meaning red apples

I noticed that red apples seem to have symbolic meaning in Anime and I wonder if it is in line with western interpretations. Erased: After waking up in the hospital, Satoru's nemesis Yashiro sits ...
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In the manga, do Satoru and Airi get together?

I know Satoru and Airi didn't get together in the anime. Do they get together in the manga?
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What does the water in the hallway represent in the Erased opening?

Most of the shots in Erased its opening are references to events events or cryptic imagery like when Satoru's refers to himself as Grim Reaper that tries to put things back the way they were, but the ...
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How did Satoru obtain the Revival ability?

Satoru Fujinuma has the "Revival" ability, which allows him to go back in time before a life-threatening incident happens. We do know that he is not able to control this power (even if he can somehow ...
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Is the ending of the anime and manga the same (ERASED) [duplicate]

I was wondering, is the anime ending and the manga ending the same for Boku dake ga Inai Machi? Or is there going to be a sequel for the anime version?
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What are the differences between the manga and the anime adaptation of Erased and where does the anime diverge?

As stated in the title, I want to know what the major differences between the manga and the anime adaptation are. From what I've read online, the anime adaptation diverged from the manga. So where ...
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What action is Yashiro supposed to take?

In episode 3, Satoru tells his teacher to "hurry up" and do something about Hinazuki at the end of their conversation, and also states in the narration that he's "positive Yashiro is waiting until ...
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