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Fate/Extra is a 2010 RPG created by Type-Moon and Image Epoch. This tag covers both the original game and the sequel Fate/Extra CCC. For the parent series, see [fate-stay-night].

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4 votes
0 answers

Is there a reason why "Excalibur" (Hollow Ataraxia) and "Everything is On Her Hand" (EXTRA) share a motif? Do any other Fate tracks use the motif?

Specifically, this one: It appears at roughly 1:03 in the Hollow Ataraxia track (immediately following the section that FGO uses as regular Saber Altria's NP BGM), and at 0:33 in the EXTRA track. ...
19 votes
4 answers

What does "padoru padoru" mean?

In the short Nero in a Santa outfit sings a "Jingle Bells" with some rather casual lyrics. Hashire sori yo, kaze no you ni, tsukimihara wo, padoru padoru The lyric is a song of this clip (for the ...
2 votes
1 answer

What are Arcueid's origin similarities with Caster?

In the Rani route in Fate Extra I recently beat Arcueid Brunestud while playing as Caster. At the end if you look in Berserker's matrix under details than under True Ancestor, at the very bottom it ...
7 votes
5 answers

Why do red Saber and blue Saber look so alike?

On the surface, red Saber (from Fate/Extra) and blue Saber (from Fate/Stay Night) look almost identical. Was it ever explained why they look so similar? What noticeable differences do the two have,...
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1 answer

Who are the "black" and "white" characters?

In a TYPE-MOON Ace 7 - 10 year Anniversary interview, Nasu Kinoko, Takeuchi Takashi, Urobuchi Gen were asked a number of questions. while i was looking up for any interview about Alexander's name ...