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Is there a reason why "Excalibur" (Hollow Ataraxia) and "Everything is On Her Hand" (EXTRA) share a motif? Do any other Fate tracks use the motif?

Specifically, this one: It appears at roughly 1:03 in the Hollow Ataraxia track (immediately following the section that FGO uses as regular Saber Altria's NP BGM), and at 0:33 in the EXTRA track. ...
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Does Rin's Eclipse scene "Beginners" in Fate/hollow ataraxia follow the UBW route?

Is Rin's Eclipse (H-)scene (Beginners) in Fate/hollow ataraxia canon? I'd like to know if it follows Rin's true ending. Just to make it clear, I'm not asking if FHA follows UBW, I'm asking if that H-...
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