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Fire Force, also known as Fire Brigade of flames, is a Manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo

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What is the name of the artstyle used in so many anime portraying certain emotions/actions of rage?

I see this art style in certain frames of animes when a character is consumed by rage or when an action like a fire occurs. This is common in manga and anime like Fire Force, or Gon's rage scene. I ...
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Why aren't birthdays celebrated in Fire Force? And what is Hika and Hina's birthday?

So I noticed that none of the characters' birthdays are celebrated, nor do we know when Shinra came to join the 8th, and we haven't really seen seasons change, (well also there's little no vegetation ...
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What is the purpose of the prayer in Fire Force?

I'm not too far in the series but I can't see any use in the prayer yet. First I thought the prayer either weakened the infernal or boosted the firefighter. Then I thought the soul needed the prayer ...
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Why do the characters of Fire Force always say "Látom"?

In Fire Force there are some religious characters like a nun which is part of company 8, and her and other characters when are saying preaching-like sentences many times end the phrase with the word "...
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Why is Joker more powerful than other users?

Joker, as a second generation user, is actually very powerful more than others of his generation. As I understand, the "skills" acquired by second generation users depend on the person. In the case ...
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