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Free! is an anime produced by Kyoto Animation, adapted from the light novel "High Speed!" by Kooji Ooji.

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Why so few Iwatobi Swim Club members?

In the first season of Free!, the three main swimmers of Iwatobi Swim Club could only manage to add one new swimmer, Rei. (Gou, while a member, was not a swimmer.) In the second season, even though ...
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Are Free! and Haikyu!! related?

I've only watched Free! and Free!: Eternal Summer, but recently a friend recommended I watch Haikyuu!! and looking at images of it, I'm reminded of Free! a great deal. The characters even look ...
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Why does Rin have sharp, pointed teeth?

In Free!, Rin is shown to have sharp, pointed teeth (like a shark). I would say it was just stylistic, but it has been canonically mentioned by one of the characters. Has the author (or the light ...
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