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Fruits Basket (abbr. "Furuba") is a shoujo manga series by Natsuki Takaya, with a 26 episode TV anime adaptation.

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What counts as a hug in Fruits Basket?

Near the end of the chapter in which Momiji first appears, he put his arms around Tohru's waist, but didn't transform. And many of the events that transform the zodiac members look more like tackles ...
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Why is calling Tohru amazing an insult to her?

In the first episode of the new show, after learning more about Tohru's life, Yuki says she's amazing. In response Shigure tells him it's an insult to call her that. Yuki agrees, but I frankly didn't ...
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When will the Fruits Basket reboot start airing? [closed]

It will show this year, but when is the exact date it will air? Funimation and the team in Japan have officially announced to a simulcast meaning the agreement make it together aired and was an ...
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Akito's motivation?

In the anime Fruits Basket, what was Akito's motivation behind allowing Tohru to live with Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo? Did he hope that Tohru would reject them, thinking that no normal person would ever ...
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Is Sohma House a literal house where all the families live?

In Fruits Basket, is Sohma house an actual house where all of the families with a member cursed by the zodiac live, or is it more of a gated community situation where the families all live together, ...
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Is the city in which Fruits Basket is set ever identified?

Fruits Basket appears to be set in a real Japanese city. Is it ever explicitly stated which one? If not, is it possible to deduce which one, or at least which part of Japan it's supposed to be? (I'm ...
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What is the card game the characters play?

Throughout the story, the characters often play the card game with each other. What type of game or games are they plays? What are the rules?
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What is the meaning of the title of Fruits Basket?

The title of "Fruits Basket" seems to imply that there is some basket with fruits in it which is somehow relevant to the story. However, I imagine that a story about a literal basket of fruits would ...
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What determines what zodiac a person represents?

In Fruits Basket, different characters represent different zodiac symbols that they then turn into when they are hugged by someone of the opposite gender. What determines what zodiac a person ...
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What is the origin of the curse?

In Fruits Basket, a number of the Sohmas have a "curse" on them that makes them transform into whatever zodiac animal they represent. The current generation was not the first generation, so there must ...
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