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Why did they never finish the anime adaptation of "School Live?"

I remember watching the show School Live back in 2018 with my sister on a rainy day, and when we got to the end of the 12 episode core, we thought it was done, and it seemed like it from the way they ...
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Who finds the letter at the end of Gakkougurashi?

At the end of Gakkou Gurashi, a person finds one of the letters that were carried by the balloons. Who was that? Is it someone random or is it someone we know?
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Unknown song from Gakkou Gurashi [closed]

There is background music in several Gakkou Gurashi episodes that I can't find no matter how hard I look for them. It's a very peaceful song, no vocals, that's played with a synthesizer at first and ...
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How long has the "situation" been going on by the beginning of episode 1?

Spoilers for episode 1:
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What's written behind the makeshift club sign?

I don't know if you answer these type of questions, but it would help if you could answer this. Japanese schools have signs outside their rooms. For example, there's 資料室 for "resource room". In the ...
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