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Game history as it pertains to anime, including the origins of games and related media (such as anime).

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Is Strider Hiryu manga considered as canon?

After playing Strider on PS3, and using Strider Hiryu across all Marvel vs Capcom games, I have become aware that he, like most game characters, have manga that delve into his past and life in his ...
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What was the first anime-styled Visual Novel?

I enjoy reading about old anime and manga, but I don't know too much about the history of anime in the gaming industry. And I have been wondering what the first visual novel from Japan was. More ...
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Why does Final Fantasy contain "Final" in the title?

Why does the Final Fantasy franchise of RPGs, anime, manga, etc. contain "Final" in the title? Is it that the original concept of the first game was intended to portray the ending of a story? Was it ...
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Why is K9999 almost identical to Tetsuo Shima?

I was watching this video which shows the similarities between both characters. I suppose it must be a kind of tribute, or maybe is just a vile copy (I don't think so). Anyone knows the reason?
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How true is the Lavender Town Syndrome?

In the Pokemon game, specifically in the older version Red and Green, there are some news (or rumors) that the tone used in the Lavender Town caused a syndrome (called Lavender Town Syndrome) where ...
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