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Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri is a novel series written by Takumi Yanai with two anime series adaptation aired on 2015 and 2016

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How many chapters does the GATE Manga have? [closed]

I'm really enjoying the GATE Series, having watched the anime, as well as in the process of reading the manga. I'm also in the process of getting my hands on the novels of the series. However, I've ...
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What are these rank represent in the Gate OP scene?

So recently I just hook up this anime called Gate or Jieitai Kanochi nite and in the opening scene is very "fire" but I found that there's something kinda attracted me. It's the army rank. What are ...
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Is a specific person responsible for the GATE in GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There?

I've had questions for the longest time on this. Why or who would create a gigantic portal between two worlds?
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How do the visions happen when Itami hits his head on EP.1?

In episode 1(5:15) Itami hits his head and while on the floor he sees the 3 girls he is going to hang out with in the future. But how does he see that? Is it something the Rory did, or Lelei or Tuka? ...
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Why did Tyuule feel sad?

In the final episode Tyuule said to herself that she did what she did to get revenge for her fallen country. But what was that made her sad? The actions that she took, or that she fell in love with ...
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Where do the two GATE animated series arrive with respect to the novel and the manga?

I know that GATE: thus the JSDF fought here is a novel which has been then adapted into both a manga and two anime series. Since I am currently reading the manga I was wondering where I was with ...
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How can a Dark Elf's age be determined by looking at them?

In Episode 11, Rory determines Yao's age by merely looking at her. Is there a rule on how to determine a Dark Elf's age? Besides her hair color, Yao appears to be somewhere in her twenties. A ...
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What was left out in the anime adaptation of Sugawara announcing that Sherry is his future wife?

I was watching episode 20 and my friend said that they cut a lot of stuff out in the scene with Sugawara and Sherry. Could someone provide the details of what was left out from this scene in the anime ...
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If Rory's halberd is that heavy, how does Itami pick her up and run?

In episode 8, it is revealed that Rory Mercury's halberd is extremely heavy. The thief who tries to steal it collapses and is crushed by it. And when Hideyo tries to pick it up, he hurts himself. ...
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Does the light novel tell of the passing of time during Itami's missions?

In the GATE anime (ep. 3-4), Itami goes to Coda village, then returns to Arnus Hill with the children and the left-behind refugees. From the time he left to when he returns, the JSDF camp went from a ...
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Who, specifically, did Yanagida mean by "half the world"?

In episode 4, Yanagida tells Itami that the suits back in Nagata want to know whether the Special Region is worth turning half the world against Japan. Who, specifically, consitutes "half the world" ...
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