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Girls und Panzer is a 2012 action anime series about high school girls who engage in the storied art of Panzerfahren (i.e. tank fighting).

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Girls und Panzer sensha-do vehicle regulations - mix & match mods?

Like if you have a Churchill I, but slap the track covers on and that's it, without actually getting a later model that already has it on. Or putting the spaced armor on a different model of a Panzer ...
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What did the girls from Usagi Team watch on Final Eve?

At the night before Final Battle against Kuromorimine Girls High School on episode 10, all girls from Usagi Team are seen watching a movie, and it looks like a movie about tank. What movie was it?
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How do they decide if a tank is eliminated or not?

In Sensha-dou, if the tank gets hit and is unable to continue the battle, it will raise a white flag. However, there are some cases when the tank got hit but still no flag raised. Here are some ...
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What is the relation between the Girls und Panzer manga and anime series?

Girls und Panzer has several manga series: Girls und Panzer Girls & Panzer - Little Army Girls & Panzer - Lovey-Dovey Panzer How does those three relate to the anime series and which ...
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Why did they censor the word spam?

On OVA episode 2, when all the girls went camping, Yukari showed her collection, rations from different countries, some of Rabbit Team girls started to yell *pam, *pam, *pam, which is I guess come ...
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Is Panzerfahren only for girls?

In the anime series, all the Panzerfahren participants are girls. Are there any guys who also participate in Panzerfahren? And if I recall correctly, all schools that participate in Panzerfahren are ...
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Name of the song in Girls Und Panzer [closed]

In certain episode of Girls Und Panzer, there is a song with foreign language (more likely Russian because during that time protagonists team battle against with Soviet team). What is the name of that ...
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Has anyone ever gotten hurt in Girls Und Panzer?

In the world of Girls Und Panzer, tankery (Sensha-do) is a school activity, and during practice and competitions, they appear to be using live ammunition. Has anyone ever gotten hurt (or killed) doing ...
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