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"Great Teacher Onizuka" (or "GTO") is a comedy shounen manga written by Tooru Fujisawa about an ex-gang member, Eikichi Onizuka, who takes up teaching.

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1 answer

Who are these three girls supposed to be in episode 25 of Great Teacher Onizuka?

At 6:50 of episode 25 of Great Teacher Onizuka, we see three girls bitching about the new school nurse Nao Kadena: I have not seen even a glimpse of these three girls, until episode 25. The part ...
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Which episode has Onizuka getting the kanji wrong?

I saw GTO a while ago, and now I need to find out in which episode of the anime he writes a kanji wrong (辛, spicy, instead of 幸, happiness). I know that in the manga there is an episode in Lesson 51 /...
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2 answers

Who are those people with shark teeth in GTO?

In GTO, some character faces transform into weird/creepy faces. In episode 35, when Onizuka attend a wedding and fakes to be the groom, he ask the bride if it doesn't bother her. She and her whole ...
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Great teacher Onizuka exam result [closed]

Great teacher Onizuka got full points from the high school exam. But as I understood there are 5 tests each valued at 100 points. How many questions are there for each test and how much time is each ...
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Who is the character sporting a mohican whom Onizuka is parodying?

I tried Google searches for a list of parodies that appear in G.T.O without any luck. I'm also not even sure if this is a parody, other than the fact that it would be super random if it wasn't. Who ...
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6 votes
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Who is being parodied by Onizuka?

In episode 8 of Great Teacher Onizuka, who is this "Kenshiro" that Onizuka is parodying?
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Where did Onizuka get his super human strength from?

As I read the manga, I can't help but wondering where our favorite teacher Onizuka get his inhuman strength from? He's survived: falling from the school top floor, being shot at point blank, being ...
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How did GTO: Shonan 14 Days end?

I recently learned that Fujisawa had written an interquel to GTO called "Shonan 14 Days" where, as can be ascertained from the title, Onizuka Eikichi stays for 14 days in his hometown. Could somebody ...
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