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Grisaia is a series of three visual novels (Kajitsu/Fruit, Meikyuu/Labyrinth, Rakuen/Paradise) developed by Front Wing.

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Is there a reference behind "Though we are exposed to the same elements, thou art red whilst I am yellow" in Grisaia no Rakuen?

In "The Cocoon of Caprice II" (Episode 2) JB says "Though we are exposed to the same elements, thou art red, whilst I am yellow" in a way that seems to come off as a quote, but I ...
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What's the "right" order to play the Grisaia Spin-offs?

I just played through the main branch of the "Laybrinth of Grisaia" game, and afterwards went looking for the following game ("Eden of Grisaia" or something like that) in the steam store. It seems it ...
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What scenes from each Heroine's route must have happened, considering the storyline of Meikyuu and Rakuen of Grisaia?

In the second and third VN, they ditched the heroine's routes, but some elements were used. So, excluding the H scenes, what other scenes/events must have happened alongside with the common route, to ...
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Do all of Grisaia's Mihama girls suffer from PTSD?

The cast of heroines of the Grisaia no Kajitsu visual novel / anime series are some of the most deranged of the last decade. Do all of them suffer from some sort of PTSD? They surely have reasons to:...
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What did Yuji do to his sister Kazuki?

In Grisaia no Rakuen (Paradise), after saving Yuji and retrieving the real body of Thanatos (Kazuki actually), there was a scene (aboard the ship Mihama Academy) when Yuji got pissed or irritated due ...
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Why does all of Grisaia anime series have a weird video format?

Typically when an anime airs, it's resolution is 1280x720 and gets downscaled to 853x480, 640x360, or even upscaled to 1920x1080. However, one of the odd things I noticed about Grisaia no Rakuen is ...
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Did Kazuki get a new body?

In the Grisaia no Rakuen, it is revealed at the end of episode 5 that, Furthermore in episode 8, Questions are: Is Kazuki's body in episode 8 her original body at the time of her "death" preserved ...
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What is the symbolism of Labyrinth in Grisaia no Meikyuu?

The first VN/season deals with the fruit of Grisaia, the sins (or sorrow) of the girls. Is the Fruit of Grisaia an actual fruit? Now, what is Labyrinth in the title of the second game supposed to ...
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Michiru is a fake blonde, ok. But what about Sachi and Amane's hair colors?

Both the VN and the anime stress that Michiru is a fake blonde. Makina and Yumiko have natural hair colors... But what about Amane and Sachi? I don't think there are too many natural redheads in the ...
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What is this "Company" Kazami Yuuji works for anyway?

In the Grisaia no Kajitsu, Kazami Yuuji works for a company related to Ichigaya and the Japanese government. But he very often states that the Japanese branch is indeed a branch of the main ...
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Who is the person called "professor" that is kept in the basement under Ichigaya?

There is someone/something locked in the basement of Ichigaya. He is the one who sent the message to leave the apple seedling in the inn after the raid by the agents. He is also mentioned in the ...
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What is the most likely real world location for the Mihama Academy if it really existed?

I am sure that the VN and anime used some real-world references to illustrate the location. The school is located by the seaside in Mishima Cape, probably in Shizuoka prefecture. There is indeed a ...
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Why is Kazami Yuuji nicknamed "Juicy Yuuji"?

I notice that a fair number of people (e.g. on reddit) refer to Kazami Yuuji (protagonist of Grisaia) as "Juicy Yuuji". Why? What's so juicy about him? Also: I haven't noticed anybody in the anime (...
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Is the Fruit of Grisaia an actual fruit?

Having played a fair bit of -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA- (Grisaia no Kajitsu, literally "The Fruit of Grisaia"), I have to admit that the title has confused me more than anything else. It seems to have ...
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