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Hamatora is a 2013-14 mixed-media project about a detective agency in Yokohama. The agents have special powers, called "minimum", and use these to solve crimes related to other minimum-holders.

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How did Skill "survive"?

On the last episode of Re:_Hamatora, Art killed his brother Skill to free him from his pain. Then, Skill dies(?) and Art is unconscious. Moral appears and checks Skill for vital signs but discovers ...
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Why is Moral holding a golden gun in Episode 7?

In the last scene of episode 7, But in the beginning of episode 8, Why is he holding a different gun? Does this have any implications to the story?
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What is the purpose of the fast appearing screens?

Several fast appearing/disappearing screens are featured, during the episodes of the series. They stay on screen for one second or so, and appear out of the blue. This makes them basically impossible ...
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