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Questions tagged [hayao-miyazaki]

Hayao Miyazaki is a Japanese film director, animator, manga artist and screenwriter, and co-founder of Studio Ghibli. Use this tag for questions about Miyazaki's oeuvre as a whole, for questions about multiple works of his, or for questions about Miyazaki himself.

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Where I can buy/rent digital versions of Studio Ghibli films?

To be honest, I’m mostly interested in Hayao Miyazaki’s films (My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo). They aren’t available on Netflix, iTunes, the PS3 or Xbox VOD services despite other ...
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Has Hayao Miyazaki ever made an anime series or manga?

Hayao Miyazaki is a famous director of anime movies such as "Spirited Away" and "My Neighbor Totoro". But has he ever made any anime series or manga besides movies? If so, what are they?
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Ubiquity of Totoro

Why is the image of Totoro (from "My Neighbor Totoro") so common? Even outside anime, background drawings can include Totoro dolls or posters. Is it just a question of marketing or is there ...
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Why do Spirited Away, Ponyo, and Arrietty have so much in common?

I saw that Spirited Away, Ponyo and Arrietty, all written by Hayao Miyazaki, seem to have some common traits: The hero is a girl. Moreover, she is a girl who is special in some way. She develops a ...
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Does there exist official material on the story of Laputa before its fall?

Is there material (films, written stories, manga, etc) on the story of Laputa from Hayao Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky before its fall, that is endorsed by Miyazaki himself or by Studio Ghibli? Or is ...
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Is there any connection between "Whispers of the heart" and "The cat returns"?

Recently I watched "Whisper of the Heart (Mimi o Sumaseba)"1 and "The cat returns (Neko no Ongaeshi)"2 and I notice that: The main protagonists found a old store (by being "guided" by a big cat) - ...
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Why does Kiki flood the floor of her flat to clean it?

In this GIF from the cleaning montage in Kiki's Delivery Service, she's seen cleaning her flat by flooding the floor and scrubbing it down: Is this a real way to clean wood flooring? Isn't that ...
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What kind of paper did Ghibli use for their storyboards?

I googled their Wind Rises storyboards and noticed that many of the panels were painted in with watercolor. Does anyone know what kind of paper the studio used, when planning for their films? I ...
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What does the twin witch pair in 'Spirited Away' represent? [duplicate]

This is how I interpret the story of Spirited Away: The bathhouse represents the society. People work with each other towards a common goal. Every night, 8 million gods come to the bathhouse and ...
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Are there any resources about the inspirations of Miyazaki in making Howl's Moving Castle? [closed]

I am doing an analysis of Miyazaki's films and am starting with Howl's Moving Castle. I have lots of information about the movie, but am having a hard time finding information regarding the ...
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The Wind Rises English release date?

I can not wait to watch "The Wind Rises" Movie, which is Miyazaki's final film. Is there any news about its English release date?
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What does the name Muta mean (in The Cat Returns)?

In Hayao Miyazaki's film The Cat Returns there is a character (a fat cat) called "Muta". His true name is "Renaldo Moon". According to Google Muta can mean many things, including "together with" and ...
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How does Miyazaki portray his female characters within his films? [closed]

Particularly in Spirited Away, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Princess Mononoke and Kiki's Delivery service, how are the lead female characters portrayed?
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