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Hayate no Gotoku (also known as Hayate the Combat Butler) is a romantic comedy and parody anime following Ayasaki Hayate a 16-year-old who is forced to become the butler of the incredibly wealthy 13-year-old Sanzenin Nagi. His life drastically changes after that, as he has to deal with Nagi's everyday needs, his new-found hoard of female admirers, and even Nagi's intelligent pet white tiger Tama.

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Why has the Hayate no Gotoku anime switched studios so many times?

The anime version of Hayate no Gotoku has been done by three different studios so far: Season 1: SynergySP Season 2: JC Staff Movie, Season 3, Season 4: Manglobe Each studio's version is a little ...
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What is Kotetsu trying to parody with the fundamentals of photography?

What is Kotetsu trying to parody in this scene from chapter 495? Apparently its really old.
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When/Why did Nagi move out of her mansion and into the apartments in the anime?

In the first episode of the 4th season (Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties), Nagi is shown living in the apartment building with all of her friends. (You can't really tell this is the apartments from the ...
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What is the timeline of the Hayate anime?

The Hayate no Gotoku (Hayate the Combat Butler) anime has 3 television seasons (a fourth one was announced for later this year), a movie, and an OVA. However, the different seasons don't match up very ...
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List of manga chapters animated in Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties

If you have been following the manga, you would notice that Hayate no Gotoku! - Cuties (season 4 of the series) has been using material from: "Filler" manga chapters (where plot stalls for character ...
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What is the purpose of having this face in the subtitles/lyrics?

During the first verse in the second opening to Hayate no Gotoku (Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi! by KOTOKO), this face (O_O;) appears in each version of the subtitles; the translated, romanised and ...
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Who tried to sue the author of Hayate no Gotoku, and when?

So apparently the author almost got sued at some point, but then the plaintiff became an anime sponsor. Anyone have any idea who it was and when this happened? Page 16, Chapter 470
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Did the Hayate no Gotoku anime adapt the manga closely?

I'm gonna start watching Hayate no Gotoku anime and I haven't read the manga so I need to know whether the anime adapted the manga closely. I am referring to all of the anime seasons and movies .
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Why they use "99" for their number format in hayate the movie manga ver?

Hayate No Gotoku series have a move, Hayate no gotoku: Heaven is a place on Earth. The movie also got adapted into a manga version. What make the manga version of Hayate movie interesting is the ...
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Where is Nagi Sanzenin at in this picture below from Hayate the Combat Butler?

Where do you think she is at? The place there had an orange gang chair and gray vending machine. The background scene is like a mountain view.
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