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"Hidamari Sketch" is a 4-panel slice-of-life manga written by Ume Aoki about girls who attend the Yamabuki Art High School and live in the Hidamari apartments.

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Why does Yuno paint her license plate yellow?

In Volume 7 of Hidamari Sketch, the girls decide to play The Game of Life. They're bored with the generic jobs and events in the regular game, so they decide to customize their copy of the game using ...
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what is this green thing?

Maybe it's my fault for not watching from the first season, but I'm wondering, what exactly is this? it already appear in the very first episode in Hidamari Sketch × ☆☆☆ (Hidamari Sketch x Hoshi ...
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What's the proper viewing order of Hidamari Sketch series?

There are lots of series out there called "Hidamari Sketch" -something and I'm not sure in which order to watch them. Can you help me out with that?
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What are the numbers in the background in Sae's room?

In the 4th season of Hidamari Sketch, Honeycomb, there's scenes where there's a bunch of numbers (and an HK with a "honeycomb" symbol) in the background. Do these numbers have any significance? Are ...
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What do the Hidamari Sketch "taglines" signify?

The sequels to Hidamari Sketch all have "taglines" of one sort or the other. They are: Hidamari Sketch x 365 Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu Hidamari Sketch x SP Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb What do ...
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