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Howl's Moving Castle (or, "Howl no Ugoku Shiro") is a Studio Ghibli film based on a novel by British author Diana Wynne Jones

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Was Hin (Madam Suliman's pet) a spy or a prisoner who wanted to get freedom?

Hin stayed most of the time with Howl's friends, running from Madame Suliman. None of them were sure if he was a spy or a friend, and nor am I sure about that. Was Hin a prisoner or a spy?
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1 answer

What is the age of The Witch of the Waste in Howl's Moving Castle?

What is the age of The Witch of the Waste in Howl's Moving Castle? I need to know for a project of mine.
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0 answers

Why did Sophie and Howl spare the Witch of the Waste?

I just finished watching "Howl's Moving Castle" and I'm wondering why Sophie and Howl basically became best friends with the Witch of the Waste. She cursed Sophie and couldn't remove the ...
14 votes
2 answers

What happened to Sophie's curse?

During the movie, Sophie for the most part was seen in the form of an old woman, thanks to the curse the Witch of the Wastes cast on her. However, whenever Sophie slept, she seemed to revert back to ...
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What's Up With the Dancing Shadows?

In Howl's Moving Castle, Madame Soloman shows Sophie the "real Howl." When this happens, they're standing on the universe while these little shadows start to sing and dance. What does this have to do ...
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2 answers

Are there any resources about the inspirations of Miyazaki in making Howl's Moving Castle? [closed]

I am doing an analysis of Miyazaki's films and am starting with Howl's Moving Castle. I have lots of information about the movie, but am having a hard time finding information regarding the ...
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1 answer

Why is the hair of Howl was colored black when he was young?

In the beginning-middle of the movie, Sophie accidentally made Howl paint his hair black instead of his natural blonde color. I also suspect that this is his natural color because he felt so upset ...
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1 answer

What is the contract between Calcifer and Howl?

In Howl's moving castle, there's a fire demon named Calcifer who heats the wizard Howl's hearth. He tells Sophie that he has a contract with Howl which binds him to the hearth. He also says that he'd ...