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IS <Infinite Stratos> is a light novel series by Izuru Yumizuru with illustrations by Okiura and CHOCO.

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Why did Infinite Stratos light novel change publishers?

The first 7 volumes of Infinite Stratos light novel was published by Media Factory under Kadokawa. Later it was suspended, but in 2013, volume 8 was released by Overlap (under Kodansha). They in turn ...
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Why can only females pilot IS?

Why is it that females can pilot IS and males cannot? Is there a special reason? Also, why is it that Ichika can pilot IS?
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Who was piloting the White Knight Infinite Stratos?

As the question states, is it ever revealed who the pilot was? Since Byakushiki contains Core number 001 which is the same one that powered the white knight, can we assume that the pilot was Shinonono ...
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