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Initial D is a manga series by Shuichi Shugeno about street racing and running in the 90's. It has a number of anime adaptations.

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What are the New Initial D the Movies - Legends?

I have watched all of the following: Initial D (referred to retroactively by fans as "First Stage") — 26 episodes (1998) Initial D Second Stage — 13 episodes (1999) Initial D Extra Stage — 2-episode ...
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What kind of modifications the AE86's have had in Initial D?

I am not that interested in automotive (aviation all the way DC-3) but after seeing "Pimp My Reich" (I strongly suggest you to watch it, the ending is great) I learned there is a manga and an anime ...
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Do we ever get to see Bunta race?

Throughout Initial D, we watch Bunta Fujiwara coach Takumi indirectly through little pointers here and there, often before Takumi goes out on tofu runs. In later seasons, we eventually see Bunta ...
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How closely does the Initial D anime follow the manga?

I have been watching the Initial D anime, but still haven't read the manga. How far does the anime cover, in respect to the manga? Are there any manga or anime exclusive content?
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When they form Project D what does the D stands for?

On Initial D at around third to fourth stage, they finally form the group Project D (or get the left members into it) and somewhere along it Ryosuke mentions that "D" also stands for something else ...
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Under what Touge rules did Project D race against Purple Shadow?

From my understanding, throughout the whole anime series, the touge rules has been one of the following: Cat and Mouse/Sudden Death (using Wikipedia Tōge terminology...) Cars start bumper to ...
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What is the definitive Initial D collection box?

I've already watched every episode from the series (downloaded from torrent sites), but wanted to buy an official box since I feel bad about not having the original stuff. I wanted to know if there ...
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