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Kaiji in Kaguya-sama S03E04: Why is zawa (ざわ) translated as 'ecstasy'?

From S03E04, there's this 1 second Kaiji reference/similarity where Miko Iino's face goes nobuyuki Fukumoto-style and either Miko or the narrator or some sound effect whatever says 'zawa (ざわ)'. ...
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Why is Kaiji referred to by 1st name while Akagi is referred to by last name?

Kaiji and Akagi similarities They are both gambling manga series written by Nobuyuki Fukumoto. They were both adapted into anime series and live action series/movies. They both have a single word ...
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If the Tonegawa anime is supposed to be a prequel to Kaiji that is set in the 90s, how come it features modern things?

Mr. Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues is supposed to be a prequel to Kaiji series that is set in the 90s. However, the anime features modern things, for example: smartphones, vaping, apps like Yelp. ...
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What does the number on the Bog's Counter mean in Kaiji?

In the second season of Kaiji, one of the games he plays is an extreme pachinko machine called "the Bog". There seems to be a counter on that game which is confusing: Inserting a 10 million yen card ...
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From where did he get 2 scissors and 4 papers?

In episode 5 of Kaiji, Kaiji plays scissors against Kitami. Later in the same episode, we find out he has 2 scissors and 4 papers other than 30 rocks. Where did he get these?
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