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What are the differences between the original Kaito Kid specials vs. the new Kaito Kid 1412 series?

I am currently watching Kaito Kid 1412. Should I watch the other Kaito Kid anime films? What's the difference between this version and the 1412 version? And another question, what's the meaning of ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Who did Kaito Kid meet first: Conan or Shinichi?

In Detective Conan series, Kaito Kid first appeared in episode 76. Conan acted like he's never met him and he was looking forward to meeting him and putting him in prison. But in episode 219, it ...
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What does the 1412 in Magic Kaito 1412 means? [duplicate]

The title of the show is Magic Kaito 1412. It is based on a character from Detective Conan, Kaito Kid. In Detective Conan he is called Kaito Kid, Phantom Thief, but no 1412. If it is read in Japanese ...
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