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Kantai Collection (abbr. "KanColle") is an online card game that features WW2-era warships in the guise of cute girls. This tag also covers the anime adaption set in the same universe.

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Kancolle. Song played at the night talk before reassignment to other fleets [closed]

I am very interested what is the name of the song played, when Fubuki and Mutsuki decided to talk to each other during a night walk. Yuudachi with Sendai sisters join them later and all of them make '...
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Is there any in-universe explanation why all the fleet are girls?

In Kantai Collection, as the subtitled says, "Combined Fleet Girls Collection" have all their fleet depicted as girls, known as "Fleet girls", or kanmusu. In anime, and probably in game as well, the ...
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Is there any correlation between the CPU and CPU candidates' oppai sizes like there is with KanColle?

Hyperdimension Neptunia is an anime that is based on the console war. Its characters are based on the game consoles, namely, Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBox, Nintendo Wii, and the scrapped Sega ...
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What is meant by Nagato when she mentions the 'Big Seven'?

While attacking the Airfield Princess during the final episode, Nagato and Mutsu turn up midway through the fight. After firing a volley of shells at the target, Nagato says out loud, "Don't ...
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Which of the character quirks are based on real life, and which are purely fictional?

In the Kancolle anime (and presumably the game as well), several characters have little quirks that make them more memorable and unique. Some of these appear to be based on the factual history of the ...
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Why is a fleet of two aircraft carriers, two torpedo cruisers, one battleship and one destroyer an impossible fleet?

Near the end of episode 5 of Kantai Collection, Kaga said that a fleet of two aircraft carriers (Kaga and Zuikaku), two torpedo cruisers (Kitakami and Ooi), one battleship (Kongo) and one destroyer (...
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Do seniority relations among the fleet girls have any basis in properties of the actual ships?

I notice, for example, that the Akagi and the Kaga both began construction in 1920, and they're portrayed as being more senior than the Fubuki, the Mutsuki, and the Yuudachi, all of which only began ...
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Is there a Naming Scheme for the Abyssal Ships?

In Kantai Collection, the Ship Girls like Fusou and Bismark are named from real life ships. I am wondering if the Abyssal Ships like Wo and Ta are named with a particular scheme aswell or if it's ...
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