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What or who is "Minami" in "Search for Minami"?

In chapter 63 of Kare Kano, Arima appears on a television show called Search for Minami after he is recognised for his academic and athletic prowess. The beginning of the show is depicted in the manga,...
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Who is this girl stuffing food in her face, and what show is it from? [closed]

What show is this from? what exactly is happening? I found in this amv but the source for it (this is from boom boom dollar within that amv, at 22:04) only says "various".
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Why are unrelated one-shots by Masami Tsuda included in compilations of Kare Kano?

While reading Kare Kano, I noticed that the extras included in the tankobon compilations seem to have absolutely no relation to the story of the main manga. (I have just finished the fourth volume of ...
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