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Kingdom Hearts is a Square Enix/Disney video game series, of which a number of manga adaptations have been produced.

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What are the real names of the members of Organisation XIII?

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days we see how Roxas is actually an anagram of Sora with an X in it and Axel's original names is Lea, as mentioned by Saix. I also remember reading somewhere that Xemnas's ...
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Who was it that Sora fought in Hallow Bastion?

In Kingdom Hearts 2 when we are seeing Sora's memories there is a scene where we see Sora fight someone where he, Donald and Goofy fought Maleficenct's Black Dragon Form. the figure is wearing a black ...
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Manga in which the protagonist can enter stories [closed]

The protagonist enters a story and becomes the replacement for the original protagonist of that story. After each arc, he uses an element of a previous story in order to solve the current story's ...
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Why weren't Kingdom Heart volumes released regularly?

Why did Kingdom Hearts manga series release new volumes so far apart from each other? The game has been out for a long time, so the plot is pretty much predictable. Plus, why have they stopped KH2 ...
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