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Kino's Journey ("Kino no Tabi") is a light novel series by Keiichi Sigsawa. It has anime TV and film adaptations.

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Why did Lt. Cole try to kill Kino?

In the chapter "Land of Illnesses", Kino was tasked to send a gift to Logue, but is instead met by Lt. Cole and found out the truth about what happened to Logue and his family. But why did ...
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Did Kino no Tabi (2017 Remake) ever release a soundtrack?

I have been searching for a full soundtrack somewhere to at least purchase but I'm getting no results. Maybe that speaks for itself and tells me that it was not released, but I figured I should ask ...
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What book is Saten reading to Febri in episode 19 of Railgun S?

In episode 19 of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, Saten is shown reading a book to Febri, presumably as a bedtime story. Transcribed: 国の中央部には、立派すぎる建物が並んでいました。 豪華な化粧石をふんだんに使った、どっしりとした石の建築物です。必ず尖った屋根や、...
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What is the disease called "Tsurarekia (ツラレキア)"?

In the episode 2 of Kino no Tabi, Kino hunts a rabbit for the three starving men. The men are so hungry that they say they would like to eat it raw rather than waiting for it to be cooked. Then Kino ...
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What is the device in the garden in the first episode?

What is the device which the white shirted (unnamed) man was working on in his garden in episode 1? In my opinion, it may be something for communicating with his wife, since they are not able to come ...
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How can Hermes and Riku talk?

I don't think they ever explain in the anime how Hermes (the motorcycle) and Riku (the dog) can talk. There are plenty of talking robots, but they're clearly mechanical entities, while Hermes acts ...
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