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"Kokoro Connect" is a light novel series written by Sadanatsu Anda, in which people swap bodies.

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Are the Heartseed entities some kind of plant?

The entity(ies) that keep causing the "random" phenomena with the Social Studies Club kids name themselves Heartseed. Sometimes translated as the linked plant genus. Even Wikipedia editors seem to ...
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What are the remaining phenomena Heartseed places on the club members?

The anime & OVAs of Kokoro Connect only cover up to the light novel "Kokoro Connect - Michi Random" But there are several other novels: Kokoro Connect Clip Time Kokoro Connect Nise Random Kokoro ...
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What was the controversy with Kokoro Connect?

There were several news articles during the airing of Kokoro Connect regarding some sort of a controversy during the production of the anime. This lead to a pretty substantial boycott effort. I didn't ...
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