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Questions tagged [licensing]

Use this tag for questions about licensing, the process by means of which a Japanese product makes its way into non-Japanese markets.

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About the industry: How much does it cost to license a manga outside of Japan?

Today I'd like to know what kind of proposition one has to make to a Japanese publisher to have a go at distributing a title in a certain country (outside of Japan). This article told me how things ...
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How is allowed to stream anime?

We know that there are a whole bunch of anime streaming websites that are in fact illegal because they don't own the licenses to the anime they stream. However, in a number of anime chat rooms/...
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Where can I find reliable information about licensing status of manga/anime?

Often I want to buy some anime or manga, but after a long time of searching, I find out, that the manga/anime isn't translated yet. Is there a website where I can find information about whether an ...
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Are some translated anime needlessly subbed twice?

Scenario: A streaming site has streaming rights to an anime and then a different company picks up the title for DVD/Bluray viewing. Question: Does the second company have to re-subtitle the show ...
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What does it mean by a manga series being licensed, how does it affect online readers, and how can I continue reading it?

A while back I was reading Bleach on an online reader and I finished the chapter I was on. When I came back to read the next chapter, it said The series Bleach has been licensed, it is not ...
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What does "ABJ" mean on some manga websites & apps?

On some manga websites & apps (e.g. BOOK☆WALKER Global Store), there is a symbol that looks like "ABJ" usually at the end of a page followed with The ABJ mark is a trademark indicating ...
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Who do you have to contact to obtain a license to stream manga?

I am curious to know who the copyright holder to a manga is: is it the mangaka, or the publisher (such as Kodansha, Shonen Jump, etc)? Who do you have to contact to obtain a license for streaming it?
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Do manga licensees in North America and Europe obtain material by scanning tankobons or purchase raw data directly?

In Asia, it is not unusual for a manga licensee, instead of paying extra fees to obtain raw print material directly from Japan, to scan tankobons and reprint them. This is cheaper, but as a result, ...
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How to get a license to stream anime on my website?

I am planning on making a website for streaming anime (legally). I would like to know how can I obtain the license to host and stream anime? I would like to know from where I can get the license, who ...
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Who do I contact regarding rights licenses of specific manga/anime characters?

My company runs a card game in Europe, but we want to start including manga and anime characters. How would we start going about obtaining licences? We want Akira, Fist of the North Star, Ako, Tank ...
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2 votes
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Do I need a license to make a non-profit anime streaming site?

I am an experienced dev and my goal is to create an anime streaming site. I have made a custom CMS in Python but now need the content. When making the site, I soon realized that the content needs to ...
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Why are some anime and manga unlicensed?

Usually, I see that all anime and manga are licensed! But sometimes I see that some anime or manga are not licensed. Why is that so? Therefore, I am asking what is the difference between licensed and ...
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What does the NEC in anime soundtrack CD catalog numbers refer to?

I've noticed that soundtrack CDs for anime have pretty systematically a "catalog number" of NECx-NNNNN, where N are digits and x is a letter, usually A, but sometimes also M or Y. What "...
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Licensing light novel or manga cost

I would like to know how much does it costs to license such light novel or manga like ascendence of a bookworm or akagami no shirayukihime? And is it possible to have two publisher one in English and ...
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