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Was Croix behind the football match controversy, or did she merely take advantage of it?

A major plot point in the final third of Little Witch Academia is a football match between the country Luna Nova is situated in and an unnamed "rival country", in which the rival country was ...
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Was Andrew still under the influence of the Cupid Bee?

In Episode 10 of Little Witch Academia, Andrew and several other characters are stung by a Cupid Bee, causing them to fall in love with the first person they see (in Andrew's case, Akko). This ...
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Does one need to see the 2 Little Witch Academia movies before watching the series?

Prior to the 2017 series of Little Witch Academia there were two films: a ~30 minute one released in 2013, which is just called Little Witch Academia, and a ~60 minute one released in 2015 called ...
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Is every human wizard a female?

In both LWA series and OVA, I only saw female wizards. The most likely to be a male wizard are Lotte's dad and the magical shop owner but I never actually see them perform any magic. There are also ...
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What makes Little Witch Academia a Netflix original series?

Every episode of Little Witch Academia begins with a card that says "A Netflix original series". I don't remember any such card on the two OVAs, and as far as I know the creative work was all done by ...
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What is the Triskelion supposed to do?

In Little Witch Academia series, Ursula is attempting to make Akko say all the Seven Words of Arcturus that supposedly would reawaken the Triskelion. What is the Triskelion, and what does it do?
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