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"Kaichou wa Maid-sama!" is a shoujo manga by Hiro Fujiwara.

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What is the plot in "Yukiochimura ni Oujosama!"?

I have watched Kaichou wa Maid-sama! anime and read the manga. There's a one-shot Yukiochimura ni Ojousama! where Misaki and Takumi have children. When I read it, I think it is about some kind of ...
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Is there a local folktale regarding underwater palace and tamate box in Japan?

I first heard about tamate box, Otohime princess and the underwater palace in One piece but episode 9 of Kaichou wa Maid Sama also contains very similar references such as the contents of the tamate ...
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What martial art can Misaki use?

My question: what martial art can Misaki Ayuzawa use? I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Thank you for your answer.
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Why does Usui wear glasses at home?

Usui wears glasses when he is at home, but at school he doesn't wear them. Hence, either he is wearing contacts at school, or he doesn't really need vision aid but he likes wearing glasses at home for ...
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What is Takumi's position in the Walker Family?

After some time, it is discovered that Takumi Usui is member of the Walker Family. The family connection, however, is unclear. What's the Takumi's position in the Walker Family? How can he become the ...
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