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Questions tagged [manga-production]

Questions pertaining to the process of illustrating, processing, publishing, editing, or otherwise creating manga. This tag generally should NOT be used for questions about things like characterization, thematic elements, or other artistic concerns and certainly not for identification requests

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What is the block used to symbolize the end of a chapter called?

What do they call this bar? Is there official terminology for it? Sometimes they add filler text to explain the predicament the heroes are in inside of it or surrounding it. It also somewhat seems ...
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For what reasons do manga get banned?

Thanks to the question Is there a list of banned manga artist whose work are not translated into English, which now is deleted. I was wondering, what are the reasons for manga to be banned? and does ...
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What does the word 'cultivation' seen in many Chinese manhua refer to?

What does the word cultivation mean in Chinese media? There seems to be legion of titles out there with some variation of this phrase, e.g. urban cultivator, immortal cultivator, cultivator chat group,...
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Is there a way to indicate the action to remove a manga's cover to see the hidden cover?

Ok, maybe the question can look weird. And actually it is. Let me explain further: a friend of mine removes a lot of times covers from his manga (tankōbon). I don't mean that he actually rips off the ...
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How much wage difference between mangaka who published in magazines and on the web?

There are a bunch of manga magazines like: Weekly Weekly Shonen Jump Weekly Shonen Sunday Weekly Shonen Magazine and many more Monthly Monthly Urasunday Ultra Jump and many more There is a ...
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How long can a manga (or other work) can go hiatus

Sometimes a manga went hiatus for quite long time, for example HxH was on hiatus from 2014 to 2016 Source If there are no health issue or any major problem, since it ...
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Are there any differences between manga and anime copyrights?

According to the law in Japan when a mangaka dies after 50 years the copyrights are annulled and now their manga are public access, in that case what happens with the manga that were adapted to anime? ...
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Why is the ending to the "ToraDora" light novel different from the manga ending?

Why is it that the manga for ToraDora is different from the light novel adaptation? I know that the Manga and its respective Anime adaptation were made before the release of the light novel series, ...
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Why are manga authors so reluctant to draw their own faces in their works?

Although not every manga has the author(s) drawing depictions of themselves, many do and I have yet to come across an example where it was anything other than the ‘chibi’ or superdeformed style of ...
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Is there certain language that would be considered improper for kid's manga/anime?

I've noticed that anime geared at kids/teenagers (particularly shonen manga such as Naruto) seems to have language that translates to words that could be considered inappropriate in English (てめえ, きさま, ...
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Why Digital/Web/Online Manga are still colored in black-and-white format despite not having publised physically?

Is it because amateur mangakas respect the tradition?
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Why does Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun get double-wide panels?

In most 4koma manga, the panels are about half as wide as the page, and there are two strips of four panels on each page. Take K-On as an example: However, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun has panels that ...
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In manga is there a name for exchange of dialogue between characters that makes a point?

Suppose you want to show that three of the characters have a close relationship spanning back to primary school. Then entire point of the dialogue is to enforce this. Is there a name for this type of ...
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What inspries the child and adult characters from Shin Chan to have squished heads and rigid jaws?

Before I begin, it's important to note that the way heads are drawn varies from art style depending on the mass of the width and length of a head of a skinny character or the mass of the width and ...
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What's the origin of "Gravity-Defying Sweatdrops?"

In lots of manga, when people are nervous, sweatdrops are drawn. But when they're EXTREMELY nervous, sweatdrops fly upwards instead (against gravity). Anyone know where this visual symbol originates ...
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Are there any academic books or articles which analyzes popular manga?(Fight scenes)

I'm wondering if there's any book which analyses popular manga for instance the battle scenes or the romance. I know there's books on, "How to draw manga." Which would be the come the closest. I'm ...
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Why does Comic Yuri Hime release 2 months ahead of time?

I know that the shoujo ao/yuri serialized comic, Comic Yuri Hime is released on the 18 of each month according to their website コミック百合姫 毎月18日発売 本体780円+税 Google Translation: Comic ...
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Fastest-updating magazine

Popular manga magazines like Weekly Shōnen Sunday and Weekly Shōnen Magazine update manga weekly. Others like Monthly Shōnen Sunday and Monthly Shōnen Magazine update monthly. Are there manga ...
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Why are unrelated one-shots by Masami Tsuda included in compilations of Kare Kano?

While reading Kare Kano, I noticed that the extras included in the tankobon compilations seem to have absolutely no relation to the story of the main manga. (I have just finished the fourth volume of ...
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What is the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga release schedule?

Very recently, the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series resumed after its break with Chapter 71/72 (They kinda messed with the chapter numbers, weird). I've tried to search for a release schedule, ...
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Licensing light novel or manga cost

I would like to know how much does it costs to license such light novel or manga like ascendence of a bookworm or akagami no shirayukihime? And is it possible to have two publisher one in English and ...
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Did "Shijou Saikyou Orc-San No Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri" got axed?

I was reading the manga Shijou Saikyou Orc-San No Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri and it was just so good. It has a harem but really serious about that and the MC is quite funny. I am reading the ...
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Where/How to buy One piece Chapter 1000 manga hardcopy in USA?

Does anyone know where to buy the original hardcopy of One Piece chapter 1000 in USA? I'm looking to order it online, would be happy to buy and get it shipped from Japan too.
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Can manhua be in black and white only?

I draw manhua about Chinese emperors and the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, etc. I use only black and white colors. Can manhua be drawn in black and white only?
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How do you translate a manga panel into a video?

Let's say you have a Manga panel or a whole volume and you want to make a video of it and present every pictures in sequential order. Is there a way to do this properly? What are the various standards ...
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