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Medaka Box (Japanese: めだかボックス Hepburn: Medaka Bokkusu) is a Japanese shōnen manga written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Akira Akatsuki. The series follows the student council, originally Medaka Kurokami and Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, during their various adventures to honor suggestions, presented by academy members, in order to better the academy.

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Why does Kumagawa talk in Japanese quotation marks?

「In the manga, Misogi Kumagawa talks with his words inside quotation marks, just like this.」 「Here's a typical example:」 「Why is this? Is there a specific reason he has this notation while talking?」
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How does Myouga Unzen's "Math Language" work?

Just recently I have watched both seasons of Medaka Box. I think it was in the early second season where Myouga Unzen first appeared and spoke in numbers. I don't know if it was just in my case, but ...
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