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Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (or, "Fushigi no Umi no Nadia") is a 1990-91 anime produced by Gainax.

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Is Nadia voluntarily inspired by Castle in the Sky?

It is pretty obvious that Nadia and Castle in the Sky shared a lot of their basic premise: both of them feature a girl who owns a mysterious glowing blue pendant, meets a boy who is interested in ...
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Anime about a boy and a girl chased by a group of thiefs [closed]

I remember watching a anime in early 2000 (the series itself may even be older) It was about a young girl and boy who were getting chased by a group of thiefs. The girl possesed some sort of blue ...
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Why does Nemo call himself the last of the Atlanteans?

In the final episode of Nadia of the Blue Water, Captain Nemo reveals to Gargoyle that there are no more Atlanteans, and that he (Nemo) is the last one. But Nemo has a daughter; Nadia, and he may or ...
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