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Nana is a manga series by Ai Yazawa about two girls, both named Nana.

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The song playing in Nana episode 22 when Takumi and Hachi meet on her apartment and Nana witness [closed]

In Nana episode 22, at 20:35, there's a song playing when Takumi and Hachi meet on her apartment and Nana witness. What is that song? I think it's an unreleased one.
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How much do the live-action Nana films cover?

I've seen bits and pieces of the Nana films before, and I'm thinking of watching them again for the nostalgia kick. I am aware that there is also an anime adaptation of the manga, which I assume does ...
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In episode 4 of Golden Time is that the same Nana?

At 15:27 in episode 4 of Golden Time, is that Nana the same as one of the mains in NANA? The girl was decked out in a punk rock outfit, lugged around a guitar and gave the characters tickets to a ...
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Is there any more meaning to Ren's name?

In 'Nana', Nana(the singer) has a tattoo of a lotus flower on her arm. The lotus flower shares the same Kanji as 'Ren' , Nana's boyfriend. Flowers are used quite a bit in symbolism in media, Is ...
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Overlaps between Paradise Kiss & Nana?

At the end of some of the chapters of Nana, some characters from Ai Yazawa's other manga Paradise Kiss show up at 'Junko's Place' (the bonus section) and chat with some of the Nana cast. Is there a ...
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