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"Negima! Magister Negi Magi" (also: "Mahou Sensei Negima" or "Magical Teacher Negima") is a fantasy romantic comedy manga, anime, and set of OVAs by Ken Akamatsu. Wizard-in-training Negi Springfield becomes an English teacher of an all-girls school on his way to Master Wizard title.

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What is the difference between Negima!? and Negima!

So I have 2 Negima DVD Collections, one is spelled as Negima! and the other is Negima!? with the latter also having a second DVD called Negima!? Spring and Summer Specials Both have relatively the ...
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Which characters survive and make it to UQ Holder?

I wanted to know all the characters from Negima that are still alive and are in UQ Holder. I saw a few such as Ku Fei, Yue, and some cat lady that followed Fate.
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Did we ever find out what happened with Nagi between Volumes 36 and 38?

Spoilers, obviously, since this concerns the end of the Negima manga. There were many confusing aspects of the ending of the Negima manga. Many, many confusing aspects. For a series that started out ...
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How is Eva's Magia Erebea incomplete?

I get that Eva generally did not have to use the technique as she is already a monstrously powerful vampire. However, in her final "fight" with Negi at the end of Negima, it appears that her Magia ...
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Origin of witches incantations

Blair in Soul Eater says "Pum-pum-pkin, pumpkin" and Eva in Negima says "Lic, lac, La lac Lilac" before every spell they use. Is there any kind of source to this pattern or is it just a coincidence? ...
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How do UQ Holder! and Mahou Sensei Negima! relate?

I've been reading UQ Holder! since it started coming out. So far (14 chapters into the series) I've understood everything, and (I think) I have not missed any reference or anything similar. However, ...
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What is this dance?

This is from a flash animation of Asuna (from Negima), but I've seen this in a lot of shows, especially during the ending themes. Most recently, the ED of Recorder and Randsell Mi. Is this a real ...
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How did all of the weird creatures end up in class 2A?

Class 2A in Negima has many different creatures, such as a robot and a vampire. In fact, many of the students in class seem to be non-human or at least weird. Was there a reason given for them all ...
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What is the significance of Asuna's heterochromia?

In Negima! Magister Negi Magi, we note that Asuna has heterochromia, with one green and one blue eye. Here's a shot taken from official artwork. However, in Negima!?, we note that she doesn't have ...
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What was Akamatsu Ken's role in creating Negima!? Neo?

Mahou Sensei Negima! is a manga by Akamatsu Ken which has had an anime and live action adaptation of the same name. There is also another manga called Negima!? Neo by Fujima Takuya which was made ...
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