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Nisekoi: False Love is a manga by Naoshi Komi with an anime produced by Shaft. The story follows the son of a Yakuza leader, Raku Ichijou,and the daughter of a rival gang's boss, Chitoge Kirisaki, who have to pretend to be lovers in order to prevent a turf war.

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Why isn't Raku Ichijou's mother's face ever revealed in the manga?

Why isn't Raku Ichijou's mother's face ever revealed in the manga? I mean, the manga ended, and she was the last character introduced in the series. What was the need to hide her face then?
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4 answers

Why doesn't Marika wear same uniform as the others?

Despite being a transfer student, Marika should have been given a uniform. But why didn't they give her one? Chitoge wpre the same uniform since her first day. In manga chapter 129 (Now it has 131 ...
4 votes
3 answers

How much of the manga did Nisekoi season 2 cover?

I'm not reading Nisekoi's light novel/manga, so I wonder, how much of the manga does the anime's second season cover? Because I found that only a few episodes contribute to the story itself and almost ...
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2 answers

Was the phrase "Zawsze in Love" generated using Google Translate?

In chapter 216 of the manga, it was revealed that the title "Zawsze in Love" was actually a mistranslation from an translation program. It didn't specify whether it was done using Google Translate or ...
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1 answer

What is meaning of colon in Nisekoi second season name?

Nisekoi second season has a ":" in the name like "Nisekoi:". What is the meaning of that colon?
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What does the piece of paper in chapter 222 say?

On the fourth page of Nisekoi chapter 222, there is a page that shows a stick figure drawing of a girl and boy together in the middle with other girls on top and it's in Japanese. What does it say ...
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Why is Nisekoi's name written in Katakana?

Noticed it first in this Jump cover in the bottom right corner: Katakana is used for spelling out foreign words. Nisekoi is Japanese for "fake love". So, why is katakana used? Just to make the name ...
4 votes
5 answers

Which promised girl is Raku referring to?

Onodera, Chitoge, and Marika seem to own a key and all of them have a fuzzy memory of their childhood. I think Raku really met them all when he was young and made a promise to each, maybe, so that ...
9 votes
1 answer

Who are the 7 Heroines of Bonyari High?

I have come across this term and I wonder who exactly the 7 heroines are? They are mentioned here in chapter 132: And here: Can someone give me a list of them? I know of Chitoge, Kosaki and Marika....
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1 answer

How can two pucks be used at the same time in air hockey?

As we can see, there are two pucks on a single hockey table. They collide and goal. It doesn't look like one came flying from another table. As I know there will be only one puck in a single game on a ...
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How much of an influence/reference/relation Love Hina and Shakespeare was to Nisekoi?

Both share way more elements in common than two random shounen shows. Digging into the preferences, sources and/or backgrounds of the author of Nisekoi, how much of Love Hina's influence can be found? ...
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Is there second season for Nisekoi as of this day April 21 2015?

I think im impatient. Im really inlove with Nisekoi, and I badly need to know when would it be release - the second season i mean. Last year December I found out that they will realease it on April ...
3 votes
1 answer

From what chapter of the Nisekoi manga should I begin reading to pick up where the anime ends?

Finished watching the first 24 episodes of the series, want to continue the story reading the manga, where should i begin? Bonus question! What am I missing if I just skip to the chapter from the OP ...
9 votes
1 answer

What meaning does the phrase "Zawsze in Love" have?

I've watched 16 episodes and the phrase "Zawsze in Love" (first said by Kirisaki) appears to be memorable both for her and Ichijou. But what does it mean? Is it a reference to something? Or is it ...